A Plea From Greenpeace


A report came out form Greenpeace International,, the environmental organization, that in order to be able to avoid imminent climate change caused by the meat and dairy industry, we would have to reduce our production and consumption by 50% by 2050.

The executive director of Greenpeace says governments should be “supporting the increasing numbers of farmers shifting toward ecological production of healthy foods and helping access healthy plant-based foods.”

Currently our governments are continuing to support massive meat and dairy operations. This huge amount of consumption is putting our health, our children’s health and the health of our planet at an increasing risk.

At the current rate of production, agriculture will be producing 52 percent of global greenhouse gases in coming decades.

We are in desperate need of a shift in our diet. Many plant-based companies such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are meeting the need for the high demand for plant based food. Plant based- food may make up one third of the entire market by 2050.

We can only hope that through education and increased availability of plant based options that we can meet this necessary shift for the health of our future generations and the healing of our planet.

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