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Ilyse Wassermann Petter, MS – Founder

Our Founder, Ilyse Wassermann Petter has been a practicing Nutritionist for over twenty years. As a competitive gymnast and ballerina as a child, Ilyse developed a keen interest in how food made her feel and directly affected both her physical body and her emotions.

That continued to take precedence in her life as chose to study for a Bachelors of Science in Inclusive Education from Syracuse University and attain a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, Ilyse went on to complete a Nutritional Residency at Tulane University Medical School and School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

This began Ilyse’s path into an interest into complimentary medicine, including Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and homeopathic.

Ilyse is a member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP). This holistic National Association continues to educate Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctor’s, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists on the most sound, alternative Nutrition practices as well as the most cutting age research in the fields of Holistic and Preventative Nutrition.

Ilyse had collaborated on two books, both coming out this year as well as been quoted in various Nutrition and Health publications.
 As the Clinical Nutrition World was very focussed on Western Medicines “disease/ cure” solution Wassermann-Petter foraged a different path. “If we knew that the majority of diseases were prevented by diet, why were we not focussed on this as prevention?”

Working in the clinical world at Hospitals like NYU Medical Center, Lenox Hill, Tulane Medical School and Hospital  and UCLA Medical Center, Ilyse knew she needed to have an affect on preventative health. “There were so many sick people we were treating only with medicines for that particular ailment or disease. We weren’t looking at their bodies as a whole nor what got their bodies sick in the first place.”

The more Wassermann-Petter began looking into our food system and what people were actually eating the more she realized how much this was what needed to change to prevent disease. “The public needed to be educated on the importance of what we are putting in our bodies and what the sources of our food are.”

When Ilyse had children of her own she knew she would want to raise them with the best chance at preventing diseases and building a healthy immune system. She has done this with a plant-based diet and educating them on their part in the planet, the environment and how we can heal and protect it.

Wassermann-Petter began her first Company, O Baby Bar to educate parents on how to feed their children. She made baby foods and snacks for family members and friends and it grew quickly into lectures, cooking classes and Chef demonstrations with her brother and Natural Chef, Miles Wassermann. O Baby Bar began catering large scale Community Events and Pop Up Chef demonstrations and quickly saw the need for plant based, school lunch programs, continued classes and education for children and adults as well as for plant-based cafes.

This is where we grew into LettuceB. We plan to teach compassion to animals, each other, our bodies and our planet.. B Kind. We want to see us nourishing our bodies and each others as well as our souls..B nourished…And we want to see us evolve to care for one another and protect one another and our precious planet and its resources.. B Evolved.

Miles Wassermann – Executive Chef

After years of working in the health and medical industry, Miles became increasingly interested in the decline of health in America, especially in children. He is educated in pre-medical sciences & nutrition and is a qualified holistic Chef from the Bauman College Culinary School in Berkeley California.

Cooking has been a lifelong passion for Miles and he has worked in various restaurants and food outlets acquiring skills that have allowed him to create new and exciting meals, combining the best cooking methods and techniques from different cultures.

His education continued at the Sterling College in Vermont (the number one food policy program in America) and is studying Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Miles brings to LettuceB the most innovative and environmentally sound practices in food sourcing and agriculture. His understanding of sustainability and environmental cause and effect relationships drives the decisions of the food choices on the LettuceB menu.

Our passion for cooking, the fresh food we provide, the planet we protect by looking after our environment and the health benefits you get from our approach to eating combine to bring you quality food with a taste that is unique only to Lettuce B.

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