Our Story

When I found out I was having my first baby, I vowed like so many other parents to do the best I could for this person that was growing inside of my body.

I was always in awe of the women I counseled in Nutrition. They were so fiercely dedicated when they became “pre-natal clients”  “I’ll give up coffee, sugar, alcohol, anything…just please tell me how to have a healthy baby!”

When I became one of these women, I had already been a practicing Nutritionist for over ten years; and what I had seen really scared me. Not only with my patients, clinically, but with the information that was available to a person as a patient.

We were a sick society and the misinformation was rampant and so conflicting depending on which professional you asked and what you read.

My mission to feed myself and my growing baby inside of me began.

Having always felt better when eating a plant baed diet, this was what a decided to stick with. It has been a journey for myself and my growing family especially as this was not the way  learned to eat growing up, nor what I was taught in graduate school for Nutrition at New York University.

I was also not taught how meat can be tainted with hormones and antibiotics and how vegetables can be tainted with pesticides.

I knew that if someone with my level of education in Nutrition and Food studies did not know this information that certainly the majority of society did not. Yet so many went on to feed their children “chicken nuggets and french fries” without having any idea what was in that chicken or in those fries.

How could I teach my small children only to eat “free range and organic meat and eggs” What would happen at friends houses or at restaurants or at school? I felt it would be easier and safer for them to raise them without these foods until they were old enough to understand the difference.

I led by example. I ate this way in front of my children, made their baby food (which was always delicious and made a great soup for me), and O Baby Bar was born. O Baby Bar’s name came from seeing my babies sitting at the island counter  (or Bar in my kitchen) in their little high chairs. They loved to watch me cook and share whatever I was eating with them.

All of my friends wanted me to make for their babies whatever I made for mine and the idea was born.

My first concept was “O Baby Bar” – The “O” was for Organic and the tag line, “grOw…nOurish…evOlve” which represents the “circle of life”.

For years O Baby Bar flourished but I also realized the needs that we all had as a planet to evolve and contribute to the protection of our world. My children (there are now two of them) are 9 and 11 and have become quite the little environmental activists themselves. My daughter with her own active website www.greenbug.world, teaching her friends how to be environmentalists,  and my son a vegan surfer actively following www.4ocean.com and doing his part to share his activism with his friends about removing trash from the oceans and “not eating animals!”

We had been told numerous times that O Baby Bar sounded “too limiting” and “just for babies” so we decided we needed a name that showed we were a plant based movement, gave a nod to the animals, and told of letting all living things “live and let live”….. I then came up with LettuceB (Let Us Be). It’s ok if you hear the Beatles singing “Let Her B” in your head, it’s ok. I do too.

Our tag line is B kind B nourished B evolved

This is a movement. It’s fluid, it’s evolving it’s a journey.. I will always continue to learn and grow and I will share what I learn in my journey with you and hope you will share yours with me…