Playing outside is a great pastime during the summer, but not when allergies get in the way. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, millions of people suffer from pollen allergies year round.

With increasing levels of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, more plants are able to absorb it to make sugar during photosynthesis. This means that plants produce more and more pollen during the spring and summer time, heightening allergic reactions.

Common over-the-counter allergy medicines only work to relieve symptoms rather than help reduce the allergic reaction in the future.

A great and all natural way to combat pollen allergies is by eating local honey! Though it has not been proven, some believe that consuming local honey can help your body adapt to the local pollen, therefore weakening one’s allergic reaction to pollen.

As honeybees collect nectar for the honey, they collect pollen which can end up in the honey in low amounts. By consuming small amounts of local pollen, our bodies can form antibodies that help our immune system fight the pollen.

Honeybees are vital to our environment so it is important we protect them. Not only is eating local honey potentially helpful with taming allergies, but it also a great way to support local honeybee farms!

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