Nearly Summertime!

Summer is a wonderful time to get your kids excited about the fruits and vegetables of the season.  Sweet refreshing watermelon, tart Summer cherries and plump apricots are all great sources of Vitamin C, A and Potassium.

Vibrant, colorful Blueberries, Blackberries, and Grapes are all loaded with Antioxidants.  Try tossing them into a smoothie with some almond or rice milk.

Avocados which are actually a fruit are a great hit with the kids. My kids love to dip fresh “rainbow colored” Bell Peppers of Orange, Red, and Yellow into homemade guacamole. Just mash it up with a spoon of Greek yogurt, some fresh lemon juice, and sea salt.

And nothing says Summer like corn on the cob!  Corn is a rich source of Phosphorus which works with Calcium to build strong bones and teeth, helps the kidneys filter waste, and decreases muscle pain after exercise.

So get out to your local farmers market and let your kids be drawn to the beautiful, tasty fruits and vegetables of Summer.


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