Nutrition Counseling Sessions

You can meet in person with our in house clinical nutritionist for a one-on-one session with her to cover any dietary concerns you may have.

In Person Individualized sessions :

Initial Intake  Session (one person) – 90 Minutes $300.00 Book Now

60 Min Follow Up Session $220.00 Book Now

Bulk Session Packs :

6 Pack of 1hr Sessions $1,200

Couples Session :

Initial Intake  Session (two persons) – 120 Minutes $550.00 Book Now

60 Min Follow Up Session $400 Book Now

Bulk Session Couples Packs :

6 Pack of 1hr Sessions $2,200

Already purchased your individual package and now want to book an appointment using it ? 

Book a 60 Min follow-up time slot here

Consulting Location : I usually like to meet Clients for the first time at Good Earth Natural Food Markets in Mill Valley.  This is because after our consult we can walk the store and pick out ideal food items for you.

At Your Home : I am happy to visit your home if its within a 4 miles radius of the downtown Mill Valley area at no charge to you – Beyond that, travel time will be deducted from the consultation time you booked – call if you need further clarification on this point.

Please also Note :

  • There is no charge for follow-up quick fire back and forth Q&A
  • In person session fees can be reduced by 15% if done remotely via Skype/Facetime or similar
  • Follow ups via email are for reviews of existing plans, test result analysis or further written based consultations and are billed in 30 minute blocks @$75/block with a minimum fee of one block.
  • In person individualized sessions are for one person only – we also offer couples counselling
  • Please read our Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please contact us us to set up your session pack’s