Plant Based School Lunches

Lets inspire our children..

Its not always easy to think of the next lunch for your children and often results in serving them the same choices.

I know I hear about lots of parents fed up of seeing the lunch that was prepared come back in the afternoon almost untouched. Well …we have a solution !

From just $12.00 a day – we will provide you with a freshly prepared, nutritious and delicious plant based meal that would cost you double the price if you were to shop for the same produce yourself.

Our selections are all organic and locally sourced and because we buy in season and are able to share the offerings we can maintain an affordable price whilst creating variety in their daily diet ensuring they get a full balanced intake of delicious and nutritious offerings.

Their lunch comes presented in an easy clean stainless compartmentalized steel case which you simply return to us washed and ready to go.

Families buying a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables can result in spoiled purchases by week end if you are not be able to use it all up but because we buy fresh daily and are catering to a larger audience we can maintain that freshness for your lunchboxes.

These lunches will be available on a pre-order basis for daily or weekly options.

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